Four Logo Design Problems Answered

In this article, we will be answering some design problems that are often neglected by logo designers. Like what is active design and passive logo design and what is negative space?

Why should we use space of the and how to make a work on a dark background?

So, lets start...

Active not passive:

By active, we mean alert and attentive. That means, the logo needs to be depicting a progressive and futuristic approach. For example, take the design of twitter. In the of twitter, you can see a bird that is flying towards the right upwards... In an elaborative sense, the bird is showing will to achieve height and speed to move forward. Its wings are drawn upward and the bird is using the downward thrust to push itself forward and upward.

In context, the twitter is showing the hard work of the company to achieve heights and move forward.

Logo designers when drawing a should know the impact of the on public and especially on clients. The depictions described above are suitable only for the western companies where text is read from left to right. In eastern countries, the same will have a negative effect, because text is written from right to left and the bird in twitter will be flying in the opposite direction. So, typography should be used depending on the direction of the logo.

Use of space around logo:

The use of space around a logo design is also called the flush or breeze of a logo. It means anything written with the design needs to be written in a way so that that thing does not affect the . The white space is kept with consideration around the so that all things are put aside this white space and give the its personal space.

Use of negative space:

You can use negative space of a logo design to your own interest. For example, many logo designs are made with shape on some background. Nevertheless, if you make a shape in the background by using the negative space of the first shape, than that will look better.

Work on dark background:

Make your logo in a way so that it can be used with dark background as well as light background. Using negative space for that instance is a good idea. This will also enable the clients to understand the when its drawn on a dark background as well as people will be able to get it when it's photocopied. A good logo design is that design that can be seen in any position by the designers.

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