Ten Steps to Improve Your Telemarketing Results

Unbelievably, many small business owners believe that telemarketing is useless, prospecting doesn't work, and cold calling isn't worth the effort.

Obviously, everyone wishes that their social network is so robust that they consistently produce new business from referrals. Unfortunately, even the most connected entrepreneurs social circles have their limits.

Here are some proven tips and suggestions that can both help your telemarketing efforts be much more productive, and rid yourself of any doubts regarding the efficacy of prospecting.

Listed below are some simple rules of thumb for getting past gatekeepers.

1. Make Friends: treat gatekeepers with respect, humor, and understanding. Their role isn't a piece of cake. Treat them as individuals with their own personality, not just nameless obstacles who get in your way.

2. Make them look good: Secretaries want to look good for their bosses. How can you help? Convince the gatekeeper that you can solve the decision-maker's problems.

3. Respect: Consider the gatekeeper to be part of the sales process. Gather whatever information you can.

4. Don't give up: Call at distinct instances if your initial attempts are rebuffed. Learn your DM's routine & moods!

5. Timing: Call outside of regular business hours. Many decision makers feel less pressured before or after regular hours.

6. Be Unique: Use your sense of humor, creative instincts, and overall personality to distinguish yourself.

7. Network: Build rapport with each and every person you speak to. Regardless of whether or not they are the actual person you are targeting, you must remember that they too are individuals, and deserve courtesy and deference.

8. Gather Information: Get data from every cold call you make, whether or not you consider the call to be successful. Ask the right questions and collect pertinent details on the prospect.

9. Attack on Several Fronts: Utilize a variety of communication methods to reach the decision maker. Simply making numerous calls each day might not do the trick. Try email, faxes, and direct mail to get your product or service on the executive's desk. Some managers prefer email to the traditional phone call. Once you realize the method they favor, react accordingly.

10. Enthusiasm: Stay upbeat and positive regardless of how many calls you've made, or voicemails you've left.

Tips For A Successful Garage Sale

Everyone wants to throw a successful garage sale. However exactly what success means is different from person to person. This article is based on the idea that a successful garage sale does two things well. 1) makes you money 2) cleans out your house and yard. Below we provide you a collection of tips you can use to make sure you have a truly successful garage sale.

You want customers to stick around and buy something, so one of the most important tips for a successful garage sale is to have an attractive display. Put a tablecloth on that table piled with china. If you want to spruce it up with a candelabra and a vase, then you would probably be well served to do so with a candelabra or vase you are actually selling. Otherwise, people will continually carry those items up to you and ask, "How much for this?" You want to save yourself the need for explanations of just what is for sale when you are trying to move stuff out of your home.

You also need tips for a successful garage sale if you really liked the first experience and want to have repeat customers. While you are setting up, you can help your sales by carefully aligning separate types of merchandise such that there is a flow between the various portions of the items on display. If you have a variety of car-care manuals, put the books near the automotive parts. Put the automotive parts near the tools. Put the tools near the gardening implements. Put the gardening implements near the camping gear.

Always try to make one section seem to be a logical fit with the items that are in the next section. That way, you will create a sort of logical buying flow in the mind of the buyer. As a result when they are looking at one item, they have a much better chance of seeing another, somewhat related item next to it that has a greater chance of catching their interest.

Following these tips for a successful garage sale will bring in lots of customers and in turn lots of sales.

Four Logo Design Problems Answered

In this article, we will be answering some design problems that are often neglected by logo designers. Like what is active design and passive logo design and what is negative space?

Why should we use space of the and how to make a work on a dark background?

So, lets start...

Active not passive:

By active, we mean alert and attentive. That means, the logo needs to be depicting a progressive and futuristic approach. For example, take the design of twitter. In the of twitter, you can see a bird that is flying towards the right upwards... In an elaborative sense, the bird is showing will to achieve height and speed to move forward. Its wings are drawn upward and the bird is using the downward thrust to push itself forward and upward.

In context, the twitter is showing the hard work of the company to achieve heights and move forward.

Logo designers when drawing a should know the impact of the on public and especially on clients. The depictions described above are suitable only for the western companies where text is read from left to right. In eastern countries, the same will have a negative effect, because text is written from right to left and the bird in twitter will be flying in the opposite direction. So, typography should be used depending on the direction of the logo.

Use of space around logo:

The use of space around a logo design is also called the flush or breeze of a logo. It means anything written with the design needs to be written in a way so that that thing does not affect the . The white space is kept with consideration around the so that all things are put aside this white space and give the its personal space.

Use of negative space:

You can use negative space of a logo design to your own interest. For example, many logo designs are made with shape on some background. Nevertheless, if you make a shape in the background by using the negative space of the first shape, than that will look better.

Work on dark background:

Make your logo in a way so that it can be used with dark background as well as light background. Using negative space for that instance is a good idea. This will also enable the clients to understand the when its drawn on a dark background as well as people will be able to get it when it's photocopied. A good logo design is that design that can be seen in any position by the designers.

The article is by education logo design and company logo maker.


With the current economic turmoil, parents must weigh risks before co-signing their card credit card.

Even amid a crisis, you (the guardian) must decide whether their college kid requires a credit card. And for kids without a credit background, a parent/guardian must co-sign on the card.

Though this may seem like your responsibility to your son or daughter, parents must understand that there are other ways to help a child establish credit without putting at risk your credit ratings or disappointing your kid.

So, what happens during co-signing?

Co-signing simply means promising to pay the debt on a credit card if the account owner (your kid) is unable to pay. Taking liability for someone else's spending is a tough decision for a parent.

In such arrangements, the credit card has a primary account owner (your kid) and a co-signer (the parent). This often happens when the primary account owner does not have sufficient credit to set up their account, and someone (a co-signer) must chip in to help them.

It's a strategy by credit card firms to avoid the liabilities tied to a client without credit. When a co-signer comes in, he/she covers the risk— because they will pay if the primary account owner fails.

The Dangers of Co-signing

A lot is at stake. For instance, when your child overspends on a credit card to treat their friends. Such purchases cannot be reversed. And if your child's side-hustle cannot sort the debt, you will certainly have to pay it.

What's more, the risk increases if the spending pushes the card's credit utilization ratio to 50 percent, when it should never go beyond 30%. Careful cardholders keep the ratio at 10%.

Credit utilization covers 30 percent of your credit card score. That means you and your kid's FICO will almost certainly deteriorate thanks to your connection to their account.

Helping Your Kid Build Credit in a Reduced-Risk Environment

You can still help your son build credit through low-risk strategies. Below are some ideas to try.

  1. Authorized user. This method involves including your kid as an authorized user in your credit card accounts. This way, you can monitor spending and train your child to manage credit. And though it has temporary effects on the credit score, the parent still clears all bills on the card.
  2. Secured credit cards. This involves putting a deposit with a card provider who then offers your child a card. The deposit amount serves as the credit cap to help control spending. While your credit remains unaffected because your son owns the account, parents must still monitor to help their kids maintain a desirable score.
  3. Student credit cards. These cards are built to help students grow their credit. Some issuers even have rewards for students who meet specific requirements. These student-owned cards have less-strict terms and will obviously not affect the parent's FICO. 

Final Words 

Helping your son to establish their credit doesn't necessarily mean suffering for their financial mistakes. Parents must follow a better strategy to protect their bottom line while training their kids.

Author Bio: Michael Hollis is a Detroit native who has helped hundreds of business owners with their instant merchant account solutions. He's experimented with various occupations: computer programming, dog-training, accounting… But his favorite is the one he's now doing — providing business funding for hard-working business owners across the country.

Reduce Web Form Processing Time by 90 Percentage And Reach Your Prospects Instantly

A clear and compelling web form acts as a powerful online lead generation tool. It plays a very vital role in converting your website traffic into potential sales leads. Absolutely perfect; but the real problem here is, sales professionals find it difficult to process these web forms to database. Sales professionals spend a lot of time in web form processing. The data provided by prospects through various web forms are sent as emails to sales professionals. As sales professionals cannot afford to lose even a single lead, they manually download all the email leads, extract it and then enter the lead information into their database. Manually copying data from multiple web form fields and pasting them into the respective fields in the database is a time-consuming and tiresome task. It becomes so monotonous and more importantly it takes a heavy toll on the outcome of your marketing campaigns.

Sales professionals are left with no time to reach the prospects or make a timely follow-up. As quick turnaround to customer queries and emails is crucial for any business, automating web form processing is a perfect solution. A web form processing software can help you reduce web form processing time and reach your prospects instantly. A web form processing software helps you streamline the daily email lead management routines. The web form processing software helps you to quickly and effortlessly process web forms to database. It completely eliminates manual email lead data entry and helps you spend your precious time on selling or following up with your prospects. The email parser also helps you to quickly schedule follow-up activities with your prospects.

The built-in auto responder enables you to quickly reach or follow up with your prospects. What's more? The automated web form processing software also eliminates manual lead distribution. The round robin forwarding feature automates routing of email leads to your sales team. eMail-Lead Grabber is one such web form processing software that helps you automate web form processing and quickly transfer your web forms to database. It automatically extracts emails from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, etc. and transfers them to your database. eMail-Lead Grabber works with the most popular contact managers like ACT!, GoldMine, Microsoft Outlook, Access, and Excel, and works with different formats of incoming leads such as text, HTML and XML. eMail-Lead Grabber can also process third party leads. eMail-Lead Grabber helps you reduce web form processing time by 90% and reach your prospects instantly.

B2b Telemarketing: 5 Key Questions To Ask A B2b Telemarketing Company Are you considering hiring a business-to-business (B2B) telemarketing company to provide B2B telemarketing services?

Selecting the right B2B telemarketing company is a critical decision. Quality varies amongst vendors so it?s important to ask some key questions to the B2B telemarketing companies you are considering.

This short article looks at 5 key questions you should ask any B2B telemarketing company to understand if they are a good fit for your business.

1) What is their sector experience?
2) What level can they call into?
3) Where do they source their data?
4) What?s their track record?
5) Do they have a results-focused fee structure?

These questions will uncover whether the B2B telemarketing company is right for your business; let?s look at them in turn:

1) What is their sector experience?
B2B telemarketing requires an understanding of both the industry sectors being called and the client sectors being worked with. For example, if a B2B telemarketing company has previously worked on campaigns into the financial services sector they will have a good understanding of the language, organisational structures and ?jargon? within that sectors. This is the subtle sector specific understanding that you want your B2B telemarketing company to demonstrate.

Equally, if the B2B telemarketing company has previously worked with companies in your sector, they will have a realistic understanding of the metrics, challenges and objections associated with your specific industry.

2) What level can they call into?
As well as an understanding of the industry and client sectors relevant to your B2B telemarketing campaign, you need to determine whether the B2B telemarketing company you are considering can engage at the right level of decision maker for your requirements.

Calling managers within mid-sector companies presents a different challenge to calling CEO?s within FTSE 100 businesses or MD?s of SME?s.

Ask your B2B telemarketing company how they would engage with your specific audience; how they would get their attention and how they would develop a dialogue with them. Understanding this will element will help you decide whether the B2B telemarketing company is right for you.

3) Where do they source their data?
The success of any B2B telemarketing campaign owes a large part to the quality of the data used. Any B2B telemarketing company you consider should be able to source and acquire good data to ensure they deliver results on your B2B telemarketing campaign.

Ask them where they source the data from, how is it researched and what is the licence for the data. If your B2B telemarketing company is unable to answer these questions, look elsewhere.

4) What?s their track record?
Asking your B2B telemarketing company to provide references is an essential part of the evaluation process. B2B telemarketing is a highly fragmented industry with companies that come and go overnight. Being able to demonstrate a track record and provide references for B2B clients, ideally in a similar sector to you, is essential.

Again, if the B2B telemarketing company cannot do this it generally means that they cannot consistently deliver results.

5) Do they have a results-focused fee structure?
Finally, you should ask whether the B2B telemarketing company has a fee structure that is linked to results. Any B2B telemarketing company that can consistently deliver results should be prepared to place part of their fee on the line and link it to performance.

This could be a fee per deliverable (such as a meeting or qualified lead) or a performance fee for hitting specific targets. Either way, you should ensure that your B2B telemarketing company has this results-focused approach.

By asking these questions when you are considering B2B telemarketing companies you can best determine if they are the right fit for your business and whether they will be able to deliver results on your specific B2B telemarketing campaign.

David Regler is Managing Director of Maine Associates Ltd, a B2B telemarketing company specialising in appointment setting, lead generation and B2B telemarketing services.

Surendra Composite Pvt Ltd

Surendra Composite Pvt Ltd is making various composite material with base materials like Wood, Glass Fabrics, Cotton Fabrics, Kraft paper, Paper pulp ( Cellulose), Bamboo Mats, Jute Fibers, Carbon Fibers and many natural & Synthetic fibers or fiber rich materials. These basic material are coated or impregnated or dipped or kiss coated with variety of formulated resin matrix to improve their electrical and mechanical strength to ensure a quality composite product complying to various national and international standards.

We use Epoxy, Phenolic, Polyesters, Alkyd, vinyl-esters, silicon resins modified chemical adhesives as resin matrix as binder. Process involves pre drying, intermediate drying, curing , pressing, cutting, machining, winding, molding to get final products.

Fabrication of parts from composite materials

Composite materials in the form of Sheets, Boards, Hollow Pipes, Solid Geometrical Profile are used for making fabricated parts as per customer requirements. These process may involve Cutting, Turning, Sawing, Shearing, Punching, Dowelling, Chamfering, Thickessing , Scarfing, Drilling, Shaping, Routing, Scoring, Milling, Grinding, Tapping, Threading Pasting finishing packing etc. all operation being performed by skilled person with advance technology machines. A detailed quality check from procurement of raw material to in-process and then at final product level is done to ensure fitment to use as per customer expectation.

for more information visit our website:

Prospect Your Way To Millions What is prospecting? It’s finding potential customers.

Actually, it makes little difference what you're selling. Your success in sales will ultimately depend on your ability to prospect. The more you know about these prospects and the more qualified prospects you develop, the higher your closing average will be.

Prospecting methods. In many ways, prospecting can be likened to the hub of a wheel. Each spoke in the wheel reaches the hub at a different point, and so it is with prospecting. There are six basic prospecting methods.

  1. Cold canvas.
  2. Observation.
  3. Chain of referrals.
  4. Old customers.
  5. Nests.
  6. Centers of influence.

This last method, centers of influence, is what I attribute most of my success to. In effect, this person uses his or her influence with others to help you, possibly even making appointments for you with people he or she knows. The easiest way to gain an interview with someone is to be sent to him by someone he respects.

In some cases, a referral is all you need to make a sale. This prospecting method can even seem magical. The possibilities are infinite with a center of influence. Someone who is a center of influence generally gives you help over a long period of time and often participates in making the sale, or providing third-party support.

Your potential prospects

Begin to school yourself in the idea that everyone is a potential prospect. You'll be amazed at how you begin to look at people differently when you realize that everyone you know or come into contact with is a potential sales prospect.

When you first start out prospecting, begin at your home base. With the help of your family and close friends, list the names and contact information of everyone you each know. Don't try to filter out who may or may not be interested in your product during this initial phase. Simply make a list of everyone you can think of. Transfer these names to index cards or a spreadsheet. Next write down any extra information you know about them, such as where they are employed, their hobbies, interests, and any affiliations they may have.

Rate your prospects

After you write down everything you can think of about them, rate each one in terms of whether you think they are a poor, fair, good, or excellent prospect. Would they be interested in your product? Do they have enough income to afford your product? Do they know other people who should be added to your prospect list? The more you know, the greater the odds for a successful sale. Rating will help you know how to prioritize your existing contacts.

Work your list

School yourself to observe everyone carefully, and begin working your list. Make phone calls, set up interviews, work your sales, and always look for new prospects to add to your list. Remember, everyone is a prospective customer. Ask each prospect and customer for referrals, being sure to ask for as much information as possible. If you have a physician or other specialized professional as a customer, try nest prospecting. For instance, one physician can introduce you to at least a dozen more. One small business owner could introduce you to all the others in that same development or niche.

Always ask for referrals

Not to ask for referrals is simply a lost opportunity. Take referrals one step further by being sure to report back to the person who referred you. If his or her influence was strong, you may have just found yourself another center of influence. Communicate your appreciation, and be on the lookout for ways that you can help those who help you, too. Referrals are a two-way street.

With perseverance and steady effort, you can become a master prospector. Word of mouth advertising is powerful. Satisfied customers are a valuable commodity and can be your key to prospecting your way to prosperity.

Ask Your Kids To Make Calendars This Winter Vacation!

If your kids feel bore this winter season then we have an idea to keep your kids occupied with some interesting art work. Make your kids do something unique this winter vacations, as this will be interesting for them. Soon the New Year will be knocking our doors, so why not do something different to welcome the coming year with a bang. How about encouraging your kids to make New Year calendars.

Well! This is a perfect idea to keep kids occupied throughout their winter vacations. Ask your kids to make calendars for all their friends and relatives and present them on the occasion of New Year. You can arrange all the material for your kids, so that they can make beautiful calendars. You can help your kids by designing the layout, providing the paper for calendar making, providing the information about special days and occasions of the year and other essential requirements.

Encourage your kids to make use of attractive designs and colors to decorate the calendars in a very exquisite way. Once all the months of the year are covered on different pages then you can ask your kids to staple all the pages and form an yearly calendar. It is your choice whether you want to make it a hanging calendar or not. To make your kid's self made calendar look unique ask your kid to paste the photographs of his/her friends and relatives on their birthday month calendar page.

Once the calendars are ready then you can sit with your kid and give it a final touch. Ask your kids to now present these calendars to all the loved ones, as a memento that will always make them remember your kid. So, try implementing this interesting art work this winter vacation to keep your kids occupied, as this will help in the development of your kids as well.

The United Kingdom Market For Business To Business Sales Candidates

The market for business to business (B2B) sales candidates in the United Kingdom is heating up, as international companies and small businesses are beginning to set up shops throughout the region. While openings are increasing in the business to business profession, so is the competition from the annual crop of new sales graduates. It can be difficult for sales graduates to distinguish their academic successes and professional potential from those of competing graduates. While B2B sales candidates may hit the pavement and find jobs on their own, a solid CV and hard work don?t always get graduates the best jobs available. B2B sales candidates should consider working with MetaMorphose, one of the best recruiting agencies in the United Kingdom.

MetaMorphose has been providing great recruiting and sales consultancy services to companies in the United Kingdom for the last twelve years. Through its thorough recruiting, training, and placement program, MetaMorphose has been able to connect inexperienced but talented graduates with great positions in a variety of industries. Some of the best B2B sales positions are available through MetaMorphose, including contract and permanent positions in dozens of industries. One of the hottest jobs in the B2B sales profession these days is in the financial industry, especially stock programs and supplementary pensions. With heavy competition among financial firms and companies, sales graduates are needed to bring fresh eyes to B2B sales and drive up sales performance. Companies who want to see their sales performance and repeat business increase consult with MetaMorphose.

Another industry that is hot in the B2B sales profession is the medical sales industry. Medical sales companies need B2B sales people who can communicate complex product information in simple, easy to understand presentations so that consumers are not overwhelmed by information. A business to business sales person in the medical sales industry can become successful by working hard, learning about competing medical sales companies, and remaining committed to providing the best possible service to customers throughout the United Kingdom.

Several other industries of note are in need of young B2B sales professionals. Construction companies that specialize in commercial development need business to business experts in order to sell their consulting and construction services to a variety of companies in the United Kingdom. Engineering firms that offer specialized environmental cleanup, design, or project management services need business to business sales people to communicate with government agencies and private companies. Sales graduates and young professionals interested in a business to business sales career need to consult with MetaMorphose.